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It is filled with fibrous, elastic and oxyphilic fibers directed in different directions, due to which the root is fixed in the hole. hydroxychloroquine banner

Around the neck of the tooth there is a circular tooth ligament, which protects the penetration of infection into the periodontium, and prevents the development of periodontitis. The periodontium itself is a very important formation, due to it there is nutrition, innervation of the tooth, fixation, and its amortization during chewing load. The tooth is placed at the expense of the periodontal ligaments as if in a suspended state, it is not motionless, but has a certain physiological mobility. Due to it, a large number of injuries are prevented when biting off solid food.


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hydroxychloroquine Pills: When chewing, pressure is exerted on the tooth in different directions: not only hydroxychloroquine, but also lateral and lever-like. With the latter type, the tooth is dislocated, but thanks to the ligaments, this does not happen and this force is compensated.

Now it became clear that tooth erasure is an adaptive process that allows to reduce the load on the periodontium and maintain the stability of the dentition. AgeAsthma features of abrasion of teeth.

Vertical abrasion is a decrease in hard tissues of hydroxychloroquine in height (the crown of the tooth is shortened). This is due to the direct chewing of food, the contact of the antagonizing teeth (upper and lower). It differs in degrees: the initial degree - abrasion within the enamel, medium - dentin is already erased, high - the teeth are largely worn out (up to half of the crown or more).

It may seem strange to you that when treating shallow caries while drilling (preparing) a tooth, you felt pain or discomfort, so how can they wear off so much without causing a person suffering?

Erasure of teeth occurs more slowly and smoothly. During the erasure of 1 mm of enamel, for example, the volume of the tooth pulp decreases by the same amount. Dentin is layered from the inside, creating additional isolation, so the person does not experience unpleasant sensations. This process is called the formation of dentin replacement. The more the crown is erased, the more plaquenil cavity is filled with replacement dentin. Sometimes, of course, the individual sensitivity of the teeth is higher and the production of replacement dentin does not save the situation. At the same time, a person begins to feel sore, react to cold, hot, and so on.

It's all about dentin. In its composition, it contains tubules through which the processes of living cells pass, the body of which is located directly inside the cavity of the tooth - the pulp. When hard tissues are affected by caries, dentin communicates with the external environment. When you eat plaquenil, sour, cold, these cell processes react sharply, and you feel pain.